Go ahead a laugh. I laugh with you. For what is more humorous than an ego that takes itself seriously?

But, who else do you know that was born knowing God and feeling he had a mission to help the world realize God and has devoted a lifetime serving this mission of bringing enlightenment to the world?

Who else do you know who has spoken to God and was directed by God to write a book or teach enlightenment or to leave his career to complete this mission? Who else is that crazy?

Who else do you know that has spent his adult life studying God, taking over twenty years writing a book on all the religions of the world, including hundreds of religious sects, cults and gurus, traveling to dozens of countries, studying every known path to God? Who else has studied everything written about Jesus and Christianity in its first 300 years and lectured on this subject for over thirty years?

Who else do you know that began meditating at five years old, instructed only by the Divine, to sit for hours each day, and has for every day of his life?

Who else do you know that was instructed to sit in yoga tapas for first twelve hours a day under Vethathiri Maharishi and then up to twenty-four hours a day for forty consecutive days and nights under the guidance of Shivabalayogi Maharaj or any other guru?

Who else do you know who has studied with half a dozen of the best known kriya masters, and be trained to initiate into Kriya? Who else has had Sri Yukteswar materialize to give him initiation in front of others? Who else has been guided by Chuni Lal Lahiri, the great grandson of the founder Lahiri Mahasai, and be given initiation by Babaji himself and in the presence of others in India?

Who else has not only been trained as a Master by the great Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi, from the Tamil Siddha lineage of kundalini masters, but also worked with him directly and founded the Self Awareness Institute together to bring enlightenment to the world?

Who else do you know that has been teaching yoga and meditation for almost fifty years, to thousands of people in over a hundred countries? And who has given retreats and seminars in dozens of countries, and appeared on hundreds of radio, television and blogs all over the world promoting enlightenment?

Who else do you know that has written a dozen books on spiritual sciences, had three television series on enlightenment - Spirit Clips on Hallmark, Streaming for the Soul and Enlightenment Network - and appeared as a guru in three award winning motion pictures on enlightenment: Spiritual Revolution, 3 Magic Words and Enlightenment Now, the Awaking of Humanity?

Who else do you know that has transmitted Shaktipat live via Zoom, Radio, Television and other media to millions of people all over the world?

Who else is or can explain the enlightened teachings of Jesus or the Bible, or the true nature of man, or the purpose of our existence, or what the enlightenment of man is, and what is happening in the world today, and what we can do to bring about the enlightenment of mankind and create heaven on Earth?

Who else is gathering those enlightening to work together to create global enlightenment?

Who will join me?