Autobiography of Steven S. Sadleir or Sai


Steven began meditating, innately, as a child and practicing yoga in high school and teaching yoga in college. At 16 he had a vision while meditating on top of the Palisades in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California, and began a twenty year quest to study and write a book about every world religion, philosophy, form of yoga and meditation and path to enlightenment in the world. Looking for God, a Seeker’s Guide to Religions and Spiritual Paths of the World became an Amazon best-seller and he has since written several other books on Eastern and Western religion, philosophy and science.

He completed his Masters training in the Kriya lineage under Chuni Lal Lahiri (The Great Grandson of Kriya Founder Lahiri Mahasai) in Varanassi, India.

He completed his Kundlini Master level training under Yogiraj Vethathiri Maharishi in Chennai in the Siddha tradition and SKY Yoga Steven founded he founded the Self Awareness Institute with the Maharishi in 1985.


Steven completed his Yoga Tapas (Dhyana 23 hours daily) under the direction of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj from Bangalore, India, and was asked to give initiations by the Maharaj. He was given the name Sai by his first guru, Satya Sai Baba the Avatar, and is used by students in India, but not the USA. Steven has since reached millions via seminars, books, radio, movies and television.

Steven has hosted three Cable network television shows,  including Hallmark’s Spirit Clips, Enlightenment with Streaming for the Soul, and Self Realization with Enlightenment Network. He has also starred in three movies on enlightenment (Spiritual Revolution, 3 Magic Words and Enlightenment Now, the Awakening of Humanity). Steven has hosted Enlightenment Radio for decades which has reached millions via Libsyn, iTunes, iHeart, Spotify, FM, Audible and dozens of other stations.

Educationally, Steven has a Bachelors of Science in Business from Menlo College and a Master’s in Economics, as a Rotary Scholar, from the University of Wales, UK. He has worked as an economist, investment banker and fund advisor for many years, but retired in 2008 to teach full time and is now semi-retired and living in Hawaii. Steven has never married and has no children and lives as a yogi. Leave us your email if you would like to keep in touch. He offers live teleconferenced Satsangs on Thursday evenings. For an extended version of Steven’s life story and training click here.



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