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Enlightening Books 


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Enlightenment DVD’s


Enlightenment Now, the Awakening of Humanity

Staring Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva, Steven S. Sadleir, and Masters in the Vedanta, Ashtanga, Kriya, Kundalini and Tantra lineages. We discuss enlightenment, the various paths of yoga, meditation, mindfulness and how to find happiness and peace. The movie ends with a guided Shaktipat Meditation. Directed by Gabriel Franklin, voted “Best US Documentary”. 

Now on DVD for $19.95. Click here to purchase on Amazon.   

The Self Realization Course DVD

  1. The Nature of the Self
  2. The Nature of Life
  3. Our Eternal Quest
  4. Awakening Consciousness
  5. Understanding Your Mind
  6. The Enlightened Self
  7. The Power of the Present
  8. Discovering Bliss
  9. Love & Grace
  10. Self-Realization
  11. Your Life Purpose
  12. The Enlightenment

A six DVD set for $195 CLICK HERE to order on Amazon

The God-Realization Course on DVD

  1. The Doors of Perception
  2. In the Beginning
  3. First Light
  4. The Invisible World
  5. How Life is Created
  6. The Invisible Hand of God
  7. The Evolution of Consciousness
  8. The Evolution of Mankind

Including 8 classes in a 4 DVD pack for $195. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Enlightenment Clothing & Gifts


Enlightenment Clothing & Gifts with Logo

  1. T Shits and Sweatshirts
  2. Coffee mug and water bottle
  3. Hand bag and messenger bag
  4. Dog Tag 
  5. Covid Mask
  6. Stationary

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