What we think we create. So, let’s think about what we want to create? Currently we are experiencing a coup. The world is being deceived, the media is hacking our brain and pulling everyone down into an increasingly divisive and destructive path. Through fear they try to control us. We simply need to become conscious of how others are affecting us, pivot our consciousness and start bringing the energy back up to courage, inspiration, compassion and peace. Reader, it’s our job. Together, we can raise the collective consciousness of the planet and bring peace to the Earth. I suggest the following:

Awakening: First we need to see how we have been played by the rich and powerful for their selfish personal gain. We collectively need to realize how the Networks (NBC, ABC, CNN, BBC, FOX, Reuters, etc.) and media control what is shown to us in order to control what we think, and all the tech giants – Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, etc. – are all censoring, hiding, distorting information in an effort to control what we think. The NSA and CIA are coordinating this and they are all working together to “manufacture consent” for their plans to create a global government, a “reset”, and the New World Order. Once you see what’s happening you begin to question everything that you’ve been told. We all need to start questioning everything we’ve been told. We all need to wake up.

Peace: This Awakening – Enlightenment - Revelation is to realize the intrinsic higher nature of our own spiritual being and bring this light out into what we think and say and do, we need bring the light into this world. I envision the leaders of this world rising above their material conditioning and base desires to bring what is good for the whole into this world. Let’s imagine the value system of a higher consciousness, where money and power are no longer valued (because they are fleeting and not real) but, rather, serving mankind to create a better world for all people and the ecosystem. It’s as simple as right over wrong, good over evil, light over darkness. Let’s see all wars ending. I envision us treating all people, animals and the Earth itself with compassion and respect, living in clean environments with clean free energy, natural foods and health. A happy world. A more equal distribution of resources, a higher education and freedom and liberty for all people. I envision a government that works for the people rather than special interests and I envision a populous that can’t be fooled anymore. I see us ending the monopolies, the central banking fiat money system, and unlimited lobbying and corruption. I see a true Republic demonstrating true democratic principles and ideals that uplift our civilization.

Love: Love is more powerful than hate. We need to stop ourselves from hating the “other”. We need to stop letting them dividing us into “us” and “them” and from being pulled into fear and emotional reactions, and start generating greater compassion simply by intending to. We need to teach our children to be more compassionate and selfless, and do so by practicing it ourselves. Let’s use this time to get inspired to see how we can create something better. Let’s forgive and move on to love. Let us feel compassion right now for all those who hate. Let us feel compassion for all those trying to control or manipulate us. Let us feel compassion and forgiveness for all those leading us into wars, slavery and financial suffering. Let us envision the people of each nation, faith and inclination coming together and learning to love each other. I see the whole world living together in happiness and peace. I invite you to join me spending a few minutes each day envisioning peace on Earth, and then bringing it out through what you think, say and do. What we think we create. Are you up for this?

From the heart, Sai Steven S. Sadleir