New Year’s Meditation & Mastery Intro

Saturday, January 1st, 9:00 am Pacific live

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The Next Self Mastery Course begins, Saturday, January 8th, 9:00 am Pacific

And runs for 12 weeks. Each Saturday, Live with Steven on Zoom.

Steven will go over the course after the meditation. (50% discounts for retakes)

The Self Realization Course is a LIVE 12 week advanced intensive training in Self-Realization, and specifically advanced training in: Shaktipat, Jhana, Dhyana and Kundalini meditation with Steven S. Sadleir, or Sai,  a Kundalini Master and Founder of the Self Awareness Institute, along with his  Master, Vethathiri Maharishi. The purpose of this course is to help you realize the true nature of your Self, to realize God, to find true happiness and peace by living in grace. You find it all within your Self, Sai just gives you the tools and training to master your Self.
Steven first shows you how to tune into your own life force or spiritual energy and consciousness, and then shows you how to develop it - to raise your calibrated level of consciousness and enter into Samadhi, then further, into God realization. You have only to connect with this Shakti within you, and Steven has shown thousands over digital broadcasts for decades. Anyone can tune in. Like a Jedi learning to use “The Force.” You naturally have this ability and can develop it to mastery.
Similar to how the antenna in your cell phone or car radio picks up invisibles transmissions, when you are on the class calls with Steven you will pick up an energy transmission - Shaktipat - and your body will begin to attune, register with this signal, and gradually move into these higher blissful states. Here the answers come - from within you. Love, peace and joy, come up like a sprinkler of light. Each week of the Course you will get an empowerment that will help take you up to the next level. Whatever you are ready for. You get a boost.
Each week you attune to a higher level - you can actually feel your energy shifting higher and a peace bubbling up from within. During the week you practice meditating on your own at home, but learning to tune in. You will also be given lots of tools, secrets into how to manifest and empower yourself, overcome negativity and fear, limiting beliefs or other unwanted mental patterns. Like redesigning your mind to work for you.
In addition to the weekly calls, you will also receive via email a Precept or lesson that’s just a few pages in a PDF file, so you can download and read about what you are experiencing. The whole science of the Self is explained. Plus you are given a new tool each week, so by the end of the 12 weeks you have a whole “meditation tool kit” to help you deal with real life situations. You will learn to take control of your mind, emotions and behaviors, and a shift from negativity to positivity naturally occurs as you practice.
Completion of the Self Realization Course “graduates” the students to advanced courses and trainings. At the end of the 12 weeks you can’t help but feel a transformative shift in your life. Even if you’ve been meditating for years, the exchange of spiritual energy with Steven will build up your own, like having a personal trainer for higher consciousness and making your “aura” bigger and you spiritually stronger. You start glowing. But you have to be ready, and committed.
Each course is conducted in a small group so each individual can get personal attention and the benefit of a small private class environment. The tuition for this three months course is $1,500. Payment plans available (see below). If you have taken the course before you can re-take it at half price. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER as returning student.
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The Tuition is $1,500, to sign up click here.

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If you have taken this course before, you can retake it for 50% off.