Here is a whole course on the key inner messages of the Bible, Old and New and Newly Discovered too. 

Bible Secrets 1 - The Old Testament

In this first talk Steven S. Sadleir goes through the entire Old Testament briefly, from the pre-flood era and creation story, through Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Daniel to the first century. Herein lies a short summary of the entire Old Testament, with historical facts few people know. 

Bible Secrets 2 - The Essenes & The Kabbalah

In this section we begin to discuss one of the first Jewish groups to join Jesus called the Essene, who were based in Qumran near the Dead Sea. Steven Sadleir shares passages with you from the Dead Sea Scrolls, written by the Essene, discusses what’s in the Appocrapha, and the Kabbalah - reading from the sacred Bihar and The Zohar. 

Bible Secrets 3 - The Lost Teachings of Jesus

In this lecture, Steven Sadleir reads from those books read by the Semitic Christians of the first century that were not included in the New Testament, including: The Book of Thomas, the Gospels of James, Thomas, Philip and Mary and several others. These are the words that the first century Christians believed Jesus spoke, but few today have heard. 

Bible Secrets 4 - The New Testament. 

In this forth talk, Steven Sadleir goes through the life and ministry of Jesus, then shares where the Apostles traveled and how the Church developed and divided between the Semetic and Pauline branches. We talk about Valentinius as well as the Apostolic Fathers, the Church Father’s going into the second and third centuries and into the Council of Nicea and creation of the first Bibles. 

Bible Secrets 5 - The Rapture & Revelation

In this last of the Bible Secrets series, Steven Sadleir takes us to the end of the Bible and the End of Times. He provides an overview of the world denominations now, the Precession of the Equinox and New Age of Aquarius, over a dozen prophecies being fulfilled, how the Anti-Christ is creating a New World Order and how Covid vaccine tatoo’s and chip implants appear to be the Sign of the Beast. 


After completing this course you probably know more about Christianity and Christ’s teachings than most preachers, father’s or monks. Drawn from Steven’s books Looking for God and Christ Enlightened

Books On Religion, The Bible & Christ

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