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This is an eight part series to help raise your consciousness to it full potential. The release dates are:

  • Episode 1 The Doors of Perception, Saturday, Nov 7th 
  • Episode 2 In the Beginning, Wednesday, Nov 11th
  • Episode 3 First Light, Saturday, Nov 14th
  • Episode 4 The Invisible World, Wednesday, Nov 18th
  • Episode 5 How Life is Created, Saturday, Nov 21st
  • Episode 6 The Invisible Hand of God, Wednesday, Nov 25th
  • Episode 7 The Evolution of Consciousness, Saturday, Nov 28th
  • Episode 8 The Evolution of Mankind, Wednesday, Dec 2nd
  • The Lost Teaching of Jesus - Coming in December.

A live Zoomed class with Steven will begin in January 2021. Details below.

Coming in January 2021: 



The Self Realization Course - Zoomed Live with Steven


Global Enlightenment - What we are doing. 

Be a part of the Global Enlightenment. Here is what we are doing to raise consciousness, our Plan for World Peace,

  1. First, we started Enlightenment Radio & Streaming (Podcasting, Vlog, etc.) which is now plays on over twenty stations, streaming to over 70,000 viewers and listeners around the world for free 24/7. Libsyn, iTunes, Audible, iHeart, Spotify, InsightTimer, PlayerFB, Podbay, etc. 
  2. Then we released our first movie, Enlightenment Now, the Awakening of Humanity in 2017- it won several awards and has been seen by millions. It includes discussions with the world’s leading gurus, like Sri Shri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva, and leaders of the Kriya, Kundalini, Vedanta and Tantra lineages. You can watch under the Movies section, see tab above.
  3. In 2018 we launched Enlighten Man in India, where Steven hosted this live event and providing courses, initiations, yoga, dance, concerts and a festival along Ganges River in Rishikesh, and gathering together many world leaders, masters and gurus. 
  4. And then we produced Enlighten Man Tanzania, in Africa in 2019, where Steven taught meditation, mindfulness and healing,
  5. In 2020 we launched the Enlightenment Network and aired the Self Realization Course, which was seen by hundreds of thousands all over the world.
  6. And we have just launched Enlightenment Television and the Enlightenment Show to provide steaming content to help uplift and enlighten the planet as the Great Awakening unfolds and as mankind enters the Age of Enlightenment. We are coming together. 
  7. Now, we have just released The God Realization Course which you can watch for free. A free course in how to realize your full potential, find enduring happiness and peace, by deepening your connection with God. Take the course and see for yourself. 

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