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Kundalini Shakti Initiation & Retreat with Sai in Hawaii

Sai will initiate you In the lineage of Vethathiri Maharishi and the Tamil Siddhas of South India. Includes: 3rd Eye, Crown, Darshan, Thuriyateeth, Shiva-Shakti Kriya, Healing Circles and samadhi bliss.

May 21st to 27th 2023 at Sundari Farm & Gardens. Starting Saturday at 6:00 pm ending Sunday after Morning session. Six days of Shaktipat emersion, Samadhi with amazing places, people and adventures.





In Powerful Kalapana (An hour South of Hilo), on the volcano, Big Island, Hawaii.


  1. You can find accommodations from mansions on the ocean, to little houses to camping, to find an AIRBNB rental
  2. Book your flight and your car rental. Fly into Hilo (Kona is far), Hawaii, it’s an hour North of Kalapana.
  3. Space is limited for this advanced program. The Tuition is $500, to register online CLICK HERE.


  1. Mornings: We’ll meet mornings at 9:00 am at the Rainbow Room at Siindari Farm and Gardens which is an amazing place with great views. We’ll meet for about 2 hours. Eat at home.
  2. Midday you can stay home and meditate, Sundari has a Spa and you can get a package to use their facilities, and we will have excursions like the volcano, sacred hot pools and the beach.
  3. Evenings: We’ll meet again in the early evenings, around Sunset, 6:00 pm, for two hours. You receive two Shaktipat transmissions a day. There may also be evening programs like dancing and music. Sai recommends that you don’t make this a vacation but a pilgrimage, so site seeing, partying are better either before or after the Initiation so we can share this sacred space together. Namaste.

We will have a preview call for all those registered to go over details and answer any questions you might have.


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Satsangs with Sai on Sundays LIVE. Global Shaktipat Meditation

9:00 am Pacific, 7:00 am Hawaii, Noon Eastern. One hour plus Q&A.

The suggested donation is $50/mo. TO JOIN NOW CLICK HERE


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