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The Vision & The Calling

Swamiji shares his vision of creating a Meditation Sanctuary in Kalapana, Hawaii. He is moving later this summer to create a gathering place for us and to build a sustainable facility and, in the future, a community. Harnessing solar, wind and rain, creating an organic food forest and a community based on love - a spiritual community. Your support is appreciated (There is a donation button at the bottom of this page). 

The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening has begun. You are part of a small but rapidly growing segment of the global consciousness that is enlightening. 

Enjoy the video. Welcome home. 

The Graduate Program

For all you who have taken the Self Realization Course or any training with me and received Shaktipat you are invited to join our Graduate Student program - for more advanced students - which we conduct live via teleconference Sunday Mornings and Thursday evenings. This provides you a personal connection and time to share or ask questions. The suggested donation is $50/mo. TO JOIN NOW CLICK HERE


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Many of Swamiji’s live classes, which you can join, are recorded and uploaded to Enlightenment Radio so you can meditate and receive instruction 24/7 FREE on Enlightenment Radio & Video. Many of our affiliates, like iTunes and Spotify, are listed towards the bottom of our home page. To listen to Enlightenment Radio


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You are invited to join our Circle of Friends to keep in touch and support one another. Just leave your email, our mailing are sporadic and to the point (check your spam filters too). 

In addition to streaming courses and the ongoing live Sunday Satsangs (classes), Steven periodically conducts a Zoomed Live small group Self Realization Course, plus live events, retreats and guest appearances, by leaving your email we can let you know what we are doing. We are creating more classes and programs too, if you have any suggestions let us know. Let’s change the world. 

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