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New Streaming Series 


The Self Realization Course

  1. The Nature of the Self; The Awakening of Consciousness
  2. The Nature of Life; What Causes Life Within Us
  3. Our Eternal Quest; Our Natural Inner Guidance
  4. Awakening Consciousness; How to Develop Higher Consciousness
  5. Understanding Your Mind; Mindfulness and the Mind
  6. The Enlightened Self; What is Enlightenment?
  7. The Power of the Present Moment; Gaining Conscious Control
  8. Discovering Bliss; Transcendence Over Mental & Emotional States
  9. Love & Grace; Living the Path of the Heart
  10. Self-Realization; Surrendering to That Which You Are
  11. Your Life Purpose; Discovering and Fulfilling Your Life Purpose
  12. The Enlightenment: What is Happening Right Now

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The God Realization Course 

  1. The Doors of Perception; How We See the World
  2. In the Beginning; What Existed Prior to Existence
  3. First Light; What Animates All Existence
  4. The Invisible World; Universal Magnetism
  5. How Life is Created; The Science of God
  6. The Invisible Hand of God; The Formation of Innate Intelligence
  7. The Evolution of Consciousness; Development of a Sentient Being
  8. The Evolution of Mankind; The Global Enlightenment of the World

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The Yoga Master Class

  1. The Various Paths to Enlightenment
  2. Ashtanga & Yoga Philosophy
  3. Kriya Yoga
  4. Kundalini Yoga
  5. Shatipat & Jhana Yoga

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Bible Secrets

  1. The Old Testament
  2. The Essenes & The Kabbalah
  3. The Lost Teachings of Jesus
  4. The New Testament
  5. Revelation & The New Age

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The New World Order - Globalism

  1. The New World Order - An Introduction
  2. The Global Banking Cartel 
  3. The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  4. The History of the Illuminati
  5. The Enlightenment & Revelation
  6. 911, The World Trade Towers & Coup

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The Natural Health Handbook

  1. Cancer
  2. GMO’s
  3. Vaccinations

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