Discussions About God, Christ & Enlightenment

On the Origins of Mankind

You are invited to look at what science has recently revealed about the origins of man. Steven guides you through the ancient scriptures of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Harappan, Hebrew, Greek and other traditions and compares this information to what scientist have recently discovered and how it all converges with now and explains what is happening now. 

Their Plan to Destroy the World 

Presented as a Movie Concept Addressing the Many Conspiracy Theories Circulating
This is a parody on all the conspiracy theories that appear to be coming true. Some self reflection on what’s happening in the world can help awaken our consciousness, so you are invited to awaken with us and contribute to the story of our enlightenment.

The Rise of Satanism

Satanism is rising all over the world, it’s the world’s fastest growing religion. I is spreading within the highest councils of government, religion and even healthcare. Very few sources will even talk about it. This Two hour plus documentary provides a background on this religion, it’s signs and symbols, and it ties into the child trafficing and abuse and the growing addition to adrenochrome. It’s not a conspiracy theory, come see for you self. To change it we first need to be informed. Care enough to watch, and then share. Blessings. 

WARNING YouTube & Google are banning this video. They don’t want you to know what they are doing. 


Naked Soul  - Devotional Love Poems to God 

Steven reads from his book Naked Soul


Enlighten Man Africa

In 2019 Steven flew to Dar es Salam in Tanzania, East Africa to provide a series of talks on the Enlightenment of Man. As the birth of man occurred in Tanzania. Steven spoke on natural health, meditation and how to develop your mind. This particular clip explains a simple way to increase your memory and improve your mind. This is something everyone can use and it just takes a minute to learn. 


Teacher Training

In January 2018 Sai Steven S. Sadleir, director of the Self Awareness Institute was leading a teacher training in India, part of this training was conducted at the Maa Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh, India, which is also an Ayurvedic clinic, and several of India’s leading doctors including Dr. Raj, gave us a talk on Ayurvedic medicine. There is instruction in Simplified Kundalini Yoga from the Vethathiri Maharishi lineage (WCSC) and also a guided relaxation meditation.

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