The Self Realization Course - Steaming Series

The Self Realization Course provides you the tools and training to realize your mind’s full potential and
enlighten your consciousness. Each class provides empowerments that help you to “re-calibrate” to ever
higher levels of consciousness and expanded awareness. There is a wave of humanity awakening this
higher consciousness and enlightening, and this course is designed so you can enlighten at home from a
world-recognized living Master. The benefits include not only reduced stress and greater well-being, but
the realization of your full potential, purpose and fulfillment in life. All this comes through the science of

It’s best to take each class a day to a week apart to fully assimilate the information. 

Feel free to sample this course without obligation to buy anything. 

Introducing the Self Realization Course 

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Precept 1 - Who You Are & Why You Were Born

This first precept awakens your inner knowing and initiates the activation of your own innate intelligence, bringing this love, and light, and wisdom out from within you. The Third Eye Meditation and Shaktipat (energy) transmissions from Guruji are introduced, and your kundalini is awakened.

Precept 2 - An Owner-User Manual for Human Beings

The second precept explains what our life-force energy is and how it operates through fields and streams in our tissues and organs, what the chakra are, and what the kundalini shakti is. Your life-force will start opening up, and you will learn how to align your body’s life-force energy – chakra attunement.

Precept 3 - Awaking Your Higher Consciousness

In this third precept you will learn how to take conscious control of your mind and become increasingly more consciousness of your own consciousness, raising your calibrated level of consciousness to ever higher heights.  Here you will enter the seat of higher consciousness and experience samadhi.

Precept 4 - Developing Higher Consciousness

Four provides a training exercise and practice in developing these higher states and shows you how to integrate higher awareness into your daily living and maximize your human potential by taking conscious control over your mind and emotions. During this class you will recalibrate to a higher level.

Precept 5 - Free Your Mind

In precept five we learn how our mind works and how to reprogram it, creating coping skills for overcoming negative patterns and developing new thought forms, new perspectives and higher levels of consciousness from which to engage life, and thus transcend limiting beliefs, fears and metal trash.

Precept 6 - Transcendental Consciousness

Precept six is where we begin to open our crown chakra, at the top of the head, and begin to experience cosmic consciousness – Thuriya. Here is where your physical mind and body begin to integrate into the interconnected wholeness of your own being. Here is where you typically start entering samadhi bliss.

Precept 7 - Bringing it All into The Present Moment

In this seventh precept Guruji is going to show you how to bring your higher awareness into your business, family, relationships, and in every situation. Guruji will guide you in and out of different states of consciousness and show you how to tune into these subtle energy frequencies and guiding energies.

Precept 8 – Mastering Your Mind

Number eight guides us through the higher states of consciousness, and provides instruction on how reprogram your brain, create new thought forms, and manifest more powerfully – designer brain. From here the meditations begin to go outside the mind and mental activity and into transcendental states.

Precept 9 – Super-Consciousness & Sublime Love

In the ninth precept you start moving out of the head and into the heart space at a much more profound level. Here is where massive healing occurs and a giant heart opening happens that sets your spirit free and enables you to feel, and express, more joy and love in your life.

Precept 10 – Stepping into The Kingdom

There is a Divine Presence or grace that is available to all, in precept ten we enter into this state of God Consciousness and learn to integrate this higher awareness and love into our own body-mind vehicle and into the thoughts, words and actions of our every day life. Here you learn how to stay connected.

Precept 11 – Your Life Purpose &Finding Meaning & Fulfillment

Each person has a destiny unfolding, and precept eleven provides a game plan for gaining clarity on how to find and fulfill this purpose, and provides you a means that enables you to become for of an active participant in this movement. Ultimately, your next step is to start sharing what is coming through you.

Precept 12 – Global Enlightenment & You

In this final precept, the truth about the creation and history of the world is explained, and your role in the biggest movement of consciousness that has ever occurred in the history of the world. First you enlighten to truth of your own being, then that of humanity, the earth and existence itself.


Let us know what you experienced from the course. You are now amongst thousands of people from all over the world who have taken this course become self realized. Please help us by spreading the word. May the whole world live in peace. 

Self Realization Course Live

Periodically Swamiji conducts Self Realization Courses Zoomed LIVE. If you would like to know about upcoming live events please feel free to leave your email and we will let you know. 

Self Realization

  1. The Awakening
  2. Who You Are
  3. What God Is
  4. The Purpose of Life
  5. Love
  6. The Movement
  7. Your Calling

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Teleconferenced LIVE with Swamiji

  • Sundays: 8:00 AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern, 5:00 PM, London (GMT), 9:30 PM New Delhi and/or
  • Thursdays: 7:00 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern. 3:00 AM London, 8:30 AM New Delhi
  • Each class provides a Shaktipat Transmission, a meditation, and a talk on various spiritual subjects. 
  • Playbacks are available if a time doesn’t work live or you want to hear the class again.
  • Each class provides an opportunity to ask questions, get a healing, or just share with Swamiji
  • The tuition is $50/month and it supports our work. 

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