The God Realization Course is an advanced training for those ready to expand their awareness beyond time and space, and enter into the Mind of God. In this course, you will be guided by Guruji to cosmic consciousness and the secrets of how the universe work will be revealed.

It’s best to take each class at least one day to a week apart in order to assimilate the information. 

The God Realization Course

This course will expand your conscious awareness of the Creator within your mind and beyond it. Based on Steven’s book The Theory of Existence & Science of Consciousness. If this course was helpful to you a donation would be appreciated.  

Precept 1 – The Doors of Perception

Here we look at the Big Picture. What is existence? What created existence and what existed prior to existence. Here we move to the ends of our own perception and beyond, and begin to integrate our awareness into the interconnected wholeness of our own being – God Realization.

Precept 2 – In the Beginning

What existed prior to existence? What is the static state and what made the Big Bang Boom? Here the underlying essence is both explained and experienced, through an understanding of modern science and through reflection of the meaning in the Bible, Kabbalah, Vedanta and transcendental meditations.

Precept 3 – Life-Force Energy or Spirit

Everything is energy, here Guruji not only explains the underlying essence of all existence, but guides you into meditations that enable you to realize them for yourself. You will experience a series of spiritual energy transmissions that bring you up into super-consciousness.

Precept 4 – The Invisible World of Spirit

The universe operates on different frequencies, or levels of consciousness, and the vast majority of frequencies reaching us we are unaware of. Here Guruji teaches us how to connect with and operate within higher fields of awareness and enter into higher planes of consciousness.

Precept 5 – The Secret to How Life is Created

A higher intelligence (God) is guiding everything in the universe, creating universes, galaxies, stars planets and all the life forms upon them. We are all connected with this invisible hand of God, in this precept, Guruji guides up into the psychic energies and the creative life force which is guiding us all.

Precept 6 – The Invisible Hand of God

In this Precept we explore how life is conducted and how everything is being guided, part of a greater system of organizing intelligence, and then learn how to tap into this innate or universal intelligence and develop a relationship and understanding of the forces underlying our existence and develop this bliss.

Precept 7 – The Evolution of Consciousness in Man

We are part of an evolutionary cycle and are being prepared to make another evolutionary leap in human consciousness, collectively. In this precept Guruji reveals the secrets about who we innately are and why we were born. This precept prepares you to make this next evolutionary shift in consciousness.

Precept 8 – The Enlightenment of the World

The light that you innately are is now ready to shine. The Revelation is here, the Rapture is here, the world is enlightening and you are now at the leading edge, you are being prepared to help bring this shift about. This precept helps develop your role in changing the world through global enlightenment.


By reflecting upon these thoughts together we’ve developed higher consciousness. Keep up the practice and watch what happens. Looking forward to sharing with you more. Thank you for your support. 

Teleconferenced LIVE with Swamiji

  • Sundays: 8:00 AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern, 5:00 PM, London (GMT), 9:30 PM New Delhi and/or
  • Thursdays: 7:00 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern. 3:00 AM London, 8:30 AM New Delhi
  • Each class provides a Shaktipat Transmission, a meditation, and a talk on various spiritual subjects. 
  • Playbacks are available if a time doesn’t work live or you want to hear the class again.
  • Each class provides an opportunity to ask questions, get a healing, or just share with Swamiji
  • The tuition is $50/month and it supports our work. 

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