Online Courses

This page offers a series of courses, seminars.

Live Courses

Swamiji also periodically offers both live seminars and retreats as well as Zoomed Live calls. Just leave us your email on the home page and we will notify you directly. They will also be posted on the home page of this site the month before. 

Steven S. Sadleir, Sai

A introduction to self-realization and enlightenment. 

On becoming conscious of your consciousness. 

The Yoga Master Class

To provide an overview of the philosophy and practice of yoga, including 4 lectures:

  1. Ashtanga Yoga & Yoga Philosophy
  2. Kriya Yoga
  3. Kundalini Yoga
  4. Shaktipat & Jhana Yoga



The God Realization Course

This is an 8 part series, originally recorded for The Enlightenment Network, that focuses upon the nature of existence, what God is and how to attain God Realization. Including:

  1. The Doors of Perception; How We See the World
  2. In the Beginning; What Existed Prior to Existence
  3. First Light; What Animates All of Existence
  4. The Invisible World; Universal Magnetism and Currents
  5. How Life is Created; The Science of God
  6. The Invisible Hand of God; The Formation of Innate Intelligence
  7. The Evolution of Consciousness; Development of a Sentient Being
  8. The Evolution of Mankind; The Global Enlightenment of the World



Bible Secrets

  1. The Old Testament
  2. The Essenes & The Kabbalah
  3. The Lost Teachings of Jesus
  4. The New Testament
  5. Revelation & The New Age

CLICK HERE to watch Bible Secrets 

Sai Steven S. Sadleir

Sai Steven is the director of the Self Awareness Institute and Laguna Beach, California, and director of Enlightenment Television. Here Steven is giving a Satsang or talk to students to a group of teacher’s in training at the Enlighten Man event while sitting along the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India, January 2018. To learn more about Sai Steven go to http://www.SelfAwareness.

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