Autobiography of An American Guru

The Story of Steven S. Sadleir


Autobiography of An American Guru 

This is the story of Steven’s life and mission. From God speaking to Steven from upon a mountain, to traveling around the world and studying all its spiritual paths and religious sects, to publishing a best-selling book on world religions, to being trained as a Kundalini Master by Vethathiri Maharishi, undergoing yoga tapas under Shivabalayogi Maharaj, and reaching millions through the Self Awareness Institute, Enlightenment Radio, movies and television series. 

Autobiography 1

Divine Guidance 

God speaks to Steven from a mountain in the Sierra’s and begins his twenty year study of world religions and spiritual paths, and publishes his first book on world religions, The Spiritual Seeker’s Guide. From out of body experiences, to receiving Shaktipat from gurus, shamanic journeys with peyote with Native Americans, secret initiations, and dozens of forms of yoga, meditation and prayer.   

Autobiography 2

Messenger of God

A revelation and reunion in Hawaii, International banking at Lloyds, metaphysics and mystery schools, a Kundalini apprenticeship with Vethathiri Maharishi, a who’s who of gurus, masters and swami’s in India, the publication of Spiritual Seeker’s Guide, a vision and God sends Steven on a mission. to share the good news.



Autobiography 3

The Ring of Fire

A vision of, and then an initiation with, Vethathiri Maharishi, traveling to Nepal and India, having Darshan with Satya Sai Baba, learning kriya with Gurunath at his Kriya ashram in Pure, where Sri Yukteswar materializes in the room. Followed by cathartic dancing meditations with Osho at his ashram, then meditating with Gurumayi, going deeper at a retreat with the Maharishi in Chennai and instruction from Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj in Bangalore and my apprenticeship as a Yogi. Studying the mysteries of the Kabbalah with Rabbi Berg. 


Autobiography 4

Yoga Tapas

Steven is initiated by Babaji with Chuni Lal Lahiri at the Kriya temple in Saranath, India, then begins his yoga tapas, sitting in meditation for over twelve hours a day with Vethathiri Maharishi in Chennai and then continuing his tapas by meditating for 23 hours a day for forty days and nights in Bangalore under the guidance of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. Returning to Laguna Beach Steven forms the Self Awareness Institute. His book, Looking for God, becomes a best-seller on Amazon. 


Autobiography 5 

Banking & Spirituality

Steven is guided back into the world of finance, bringing consciousness to international banking, real estate development, commercial lending and investment banking, creating Enlightened Capitalism. The Zen of money. Meditation retreats around the world, books, tapes, interviews and Self Awareness Institute goes international. Enlightenment Radio launches and reaches millions. 

Autobiography 6

Movies & Television

Steven hosts a television series for the Hallmark channel called Spirit Clips, appears in the movie Spiritual Revolution and in 3 Magic Words. He also hosts a streaming series for Streaming for the Soul, and begins live teleconferenced courses called Self Realization Courses with Shaktipat broadcast live to thousands in over one hundred countries over two decades. Steven begins leading programs in Australia, Bali, Fiji, Tahiti, Hawaii, Peru, Mexico, China, Tibet, India, Italy, USA , Canada and Israel.


Autobiography 7

Christ Enlightened

A pilgrimage to Israel, Christ Enlightened, the Lost Teaching of Jesus published and a screenplay on The Messiah is written and wins an award but the movie is dropped, Money & Power, the Secret History is published, The Theory of Existence & Science of Consciousness is published, and The Natural Health Handbook is published. Steven appears on dozens of radio and television shows and Blogs, and then God speaks to Steven and gives him a vision of the enlightenment of mankind.  


Autobiography 8

Enlightenment Now

Steven has a vision of bringing together the world’s greatest spiritual teachers during a meditation retreat in Laguna Beach, and within a year a new movie is being made. Steven, interviews such luminaries as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudeva, TKS Guru, Swami Sukabodhananda, Sri Rama Dasa, Yogi Satyam and other gurus, including Steven, in their ashrams, visiting holy sites, and, then, comes back the following year to present Enlightenment Now, the Awakening of Humanity at film festivals, where we receives numerous awards.


Autobiography 9

Enlighten Man 

Steven is Initiating the “enlightenment movement” through a series of live events and streamed programs around the world, with lectures and discussions with world leaders, meditations and prayers as well as music, dancing and art. The first Enlighten Man was held in Rishikesh, in north India, the following year in Tanzania central Africa with more planned (Covid stopped travel), next we launched a new television network with spiritual content called Enlightenment Network and then 

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